Kamis, 30 Januari 2014

Word for the Day Transpromotional

While this blogs coverage focuses on the workgroup/desktop printer market, the world of the digital press occasionally sneaks in, if for nothing more than the fact that the major players are pretty much the same, or at least a subset.

A piece by Christopher Lawton in yesterdays Wall Street Journal entitled "Bills Make Room for Advertising -- Printing Promotions Right on Statements May Get More Notice" caught my attention and is worth noting. He reviews the growth of printing personalized advertising offers directly on billing statements, and the enabling technology including, of course, digital presses from Xerox (NYSE XRX), HP (NYSE HPQ) and Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE EK).

Its a good piece, and especially interesting to me in that it focuses on the APPLICATION and thus the "why" behind the unit sales growth in this category, which is illustrated with a nice chart from InfoTrends, showing placements of 60+ppm color printing systems going from under 2,000 annual placements in 2006 to about 7,500 units in 2011.

A question I have about this "transpromotional marketing" trend, with InfoTrends quoting "roughly 95% of people open and look at their bills and statements"? I may be an early adopter but Im moving as fast as I can AWAY from receiving paper bills. The era of simplified electronic bill presentment, promised for so long, seems to be upon us, and the last thing I want to be doing is handling a bunch of paper just to keep on top of my monthly bills. Oh well, time will tell...

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