Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Obtain Freedom from PC Issues

Why did not I update my antivirus software? Why did not I subscribe myself for any online computer support organization? These questions have been recurrently displeasing me since a couple of days, as I had to really shave off lots of bucks from my pocket last Sunday for repairing my system. It was a serious virus attack, which not only damaged my system, but also did not permit me to save any of my important files on my system. I like downloading latest software applications, videos, games, and technical content from numerous websites on my laptop, but did not have an idea that a virus can hamper the performance that badly. Frankly speaking, I am not a technical expert, so these issues can really raise my blood pressure level, which is not right. It was getting on my nerves, as I was feeling helpless at that point in time, but thanks to one of my friends, who gave me a contact number of an online computer repair conglomerate, which was the last ray of hope to get my system’s issue resolved.
I made an instant call, and it seemed that I had a conversation with one of the best technicians in the arena of computer technical support. Despite of his Indian accent, I was really impressed by his commanding English. Besides, resolving my system’s issue within minutes, he also expressed sympathy as well as empathy over the phone, which was so supportive. After resolving my system’s issue, he also explained me about the root cause of the matter, which is one of the greatest ways to keep transparency in between customers and service provider.
It was a remarkable experience; now my system was performing better than before. The guy also offered me with a couple of yearly subscription plans for troubleshooting, and I chose one out of them. Finally, I was kind of free from the tensions associated with my PC maintenance at least for a year.   

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