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Ed Baig of USAToday has a piece in todays paper (and online) "This HP (NYSE HPQ) printer doesnt need a PC to print stuff from the Web". I found Eds piece to be quite favorable towards the product weve covered here since its June announcement (see "HP Reveals".

I particularly found his concluding remarks favorable regarding the product and the potential category of products it represents:
Itll take awhile, but as prices fall, I suspect Web printers will become the norm. Lexmark recently hit the market with its own Web-connected all-in-ones, targeted at small businesses. HPs start is promising. The last chapter is yet to be printed.

On another HP front, the company today announced the DreamScreen (see "HPs Dandy DreamScreen"), per @harrymccracken at Technologizer, "Photo Frames on Steroids". Weve covered the Photo Frame category here, from time to time, more with an eye to their role as a "print substitute" (see "Photo Frames - Printer Friend or Foe?"). So that potential clash still exists, in this case with two products from HP both with enhanced Web access capabilities, and apparently targeted at two different camps customers who want print or want display, but who share the desire for a well-packaged, easy-to-use appliance that circumvents the need for a PC.
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Epson R200 R210 by Request

Dear Resetters

by request.. this is for Epson R200 and 210

Download :

Happy Reset

nDry ( indoreset@yahoo.co.id )
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Word for the Day Transpromotional

While this blogs coverage focuses on the workgroup/desktop printer market, the world of the digital press occasionally sneaks in, if for nothing more than the fact that the major players are pretty much the same, or at least a subset.

A piece by Christopher Lawton in yesterdays Wall Street Journal entitled "Bills Make Room for Advertising -- Printing Promotions Right on Statements May Get More Notice" caught my attention and is worth noting. He reviews the growth of printing personalized advertising offers directly on billing statements, and the enabling technology including, of course, digital presses from Xerox (NYSE XRX), HP (NYSE HPQ) and Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE EK).

Its a good piece, and especially interesting to me in that it focuses on the APPLICATION and thus the "why" behind the unit sales growth in this category, which is illustrated with a nice chart from InfoTrends, showing placements of 60+ppm color printing systems going from under 2,000 annual placements in 2006 to about 7,500 units in 2011.

A question I have about this "transpromotional marketing" trend, with InfoTrends quoting "roughly 95% of people open and look at their bills and statements"? I may be an early adopter but Im moving as fast as I can AWAY from receiving paper bills. The era of simplified electronic bill presentment, promised for so long, seems to be upon us, and the last thing I want to be doing is handling a bunch of paper just to keep on top of my monthly bills. Oh well, time will tell...
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Epson Stylus C59 Adjustment

Dear All

Thanks to Manuel from Philipines for this resetter
Terimakasih buat Manuel dr Philipina untuk resetter ini

Download :

Happy Reset

nDry ( indoreset@yahoo.co.id )
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Printer troubleshooting in Rainy Day

It was raining heavily, and I was watching the scene outside. In fact I was waiting to get it closed so that I can make to office.  An hour past, and I was lost in the memory of the Las Vegas tour, which we had last year. I turned on my hp desktop reviewing the old photographs.
I found some wonderful images which were fabulous, and I wanted to have the print of those. But the printer was not responding well, the ink was getting smeared. I took out the printer manual so as to find some printer troubleshooting steps. I follow those I took out the cartridge and reinstalled it again but there was no improvement.
I was frustrated but i was hopeful to get some reliable printer support service online, I went on the google to get the one. I typed some keyword phrases like printer support, printer troubleshooting and so on, and within no time I got a toll-free number to contact a tech support portal. Luckily, I was connected to experts, who then helped me to repair the printer.
And in next moment, I was able to have the print of those images, and this time they were extremely crisp and clear. It was enthralling technical support which surpassed my imagination. I hadn’t expected that it would be resolved in such a quick and easy manner.
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Obtain Freedom from PC Issues

Why did not I update my antivirus software? Why did not I subscribe myself for any online computer support organization? These questions have been recurrently displeasing me since a couple of days, as I had to really shave off lots of bucks from my pocket last Sunday for repairing my system. It was a serious virus attack, which not only damaged my system, but also did not permit me to save any of my important files on my system. I like downloading latest software applications, videos, games, and technical content from numerous websites on my laptop, but did not have an idea that a virus can hamper the performance that badly. Frankly speaking, I am not a technical expert, so these issues can really raise my blood pressure level, which is not right. It was getting on my nerves, as I was feeling helpless at that point in time, but thanks to one of my friends, who gave me a contact number of an online computer repair conglomerate, which was the last ray of hope to get my system’s issue resolved.
I made an instant call, and it seemed that I had a conversation with one of the best technicians in the arena of computer technical support. Despite of his Indian accent, I was really impressed by his commanding English. Besides, resolving my system’s issue within minutes, he also expressed sympathy as well as empathy over the phone, which was so supportive. After resolving my system’s issue, he also explained me about the root cause of the matter, which is one of the greatest ways to keep transparency in between customers and service provider.
It was a remarkable experience; now my system was performing better than before. The guy also offered me with a couple of yearly subscription plans for troubleshooting, and I chose one out of them. Finally, I was kind of free from the tensions associated with my PC maintenance at least for a year.   
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Temperature Logging version 2

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HP Help and Support
HP with a blend of creativity and innovation in its machines has always created a mark of excellence among users. As the largest technology firm on the planet, HP with its amazing utility products have brought for everyone a line of desktops, laptops, printers and more. The HP products thus span their ample popularity among not just home users, but at commercial places, service sector, IT companies and more. Seamless computing is what this brand has brought for users since inception.

Whether it’s the reliable HP support service or the population of high-end products, all under the HP umbrella have created a distinct name for them.
Latest from their arsenal was the all-in one PC which as the name suggests had no peculiar or target consumers but was for every user.

Created to deliver performance at its best, HP’s contribution in the industry has been significant and has thus driven users to build a never ending trust in its authenticity. HP in its quest to acquire perfection among PC users and to ensure trouble free computing has launched the first of its kind all-in-one computer that is for consumers from every scenario. From personal computing to commercial tasks, users can now have an easy access to utility and performance that is top notched, but without going in for different machines. What further added to the popularity of this new launch was the extended support that the makers have promised to deliver via the HP help and support thread.

As an expansion of their portfolio, this one’s from HP is created to take over the computer industry by storm. Whether its affordable, latest, stylish home computing users are looking for or a utility centric performance based experience, this new machine from HP has it all covered.

Advance specs, multi-tasking bar, list of high-end features, in built tools and software that are a sure shot way to get a streamlined experience is what this new model from HP boasts. The news that came few weeks back was like an icing on the cake where HP’s popularity in the user centric scenario is concerned. For users who find it little difficult to run through the apps and wish assistance to explore the complete utilities of this one, the experts at the HP technical support desk are ready to serve with a smile anytime.
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Thanks Techvedic for Antivirus Support

I had heard a lot regarding computer viruses and Internet threats, but last weekend I got a practical glimpse. Actually I was supposed to get an e-mail attachment from my office, and it was an urgent one.
I opened my outlook through the web-access and scrolled down the Inbox but could not find the e-mail; in fact the mail was there but no attachment. I informed the same to my boss on phone. Thereafter he delivered the attachment again, and this time it was successful.
I finished the assigned task. That time I was not much serious. It was the next day when I realized that there is literally something wrong with the machine.
Actually, I was trying to use an Adobe application on my system, and it was displaying “out-of-memory error messages”, it shocked me. Even the Microsoft Office was not responding. Then I attempted for Windows Task Manager to shut the application and reopen it but after repeated trial (Ctrl+Alt+Del) I could not get the window.
Now, things were clear that some kind of virus has entered into the system. I thought of using the antivirus software of AVG which was running. I scanned the system, but it didn’t give the desired result. I tried to download a virus removal utility as per dad’s suggestion, nonetheless, it went to nowhere.
Eventually, I went with google to find some reliable antivirus supportAfter surfing a lot I thought of calling techvedic antivirus support portal. Luckily, it was the right choice. A technician took the remote access of the system, and did the splendid job. He diagnosed and removed not only viruses but also updated the antivirus protection software.
Indeed, it was a great help, thanks Techvedic!

Techvedic deploys experienced technicians to cater on-demand technical support services in US, UK and Canada through the secure Internet connection. Techvedic’s support services cover all popular computer brands, software products, networking devices and security software.

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Over the weekend, I posted my first take on the news about HP and Samsung announcing a mobile print solution for the newly announced Galaxy S4 smartphone. (See  “News - HPand Samsung Launch New Mobile Print Offering”).

In that post I reported the news headline and provided the link to the details of the story via press release, but also offered a little discussion of the concept of “coopetition”, when two companies battle in some markets, and work together in others. My long-time experience as an HP employee gave me a birds-eye view of one of the classics, HP and Canon, and tech news lately has been dominated by another, Apple and Samsung, though the competitive piece of that one has been drowning out the cooperative aspect, even up to and including the Thursday evening Samsung launch of their new iPhone competitor, the aforementioned Android-based Galaxy S4. (For example, see “Apple in extraordinary attack on Samsungs Androidoperating system ahead of Galaxy S4 launch”).

But HP, still more promise than delivery when it comes to being a player in the mobile space (smartphones and tablets), remains the undisputed leader in the printing and imaging category, so it is nice to see their “hitching their wagon” to another industry leader, in another category. And this is not the first time, as they have led they way in supporting Apple’s AirPrint and Google CloudPrint.

I gained some additional insight into the urge to at least keep even with an all-HP solution, just about 10 days ago. During HP’s Analyst Summit in Boston in early March, many of the assembled group of analysts were curious to see and hear from the management of combined PC and imaging and printing groups, now PPS for Printing and Personal Systems group. Many who have followed HP for a long time, or have other close ties to them, appreciated the Imaging and Printing Group’s (IPGs) independence. So the combining of the groups a year ago was dreaded by some, especially since the PC group as recently as August 2011 was intended to be spun out or sold off. And with long-time printer chief Vyomesh Joshi retiring, and the new group headed by Todd Bradley, the former PC-only boss, looked to be a potential downgrade from the old IPG. So seeing the team come together made for a much-anticipated panel discussion.

One of the stories told about the first gathering of the group last spring was the consensus determination to make HP mobile devices print to HP printers as easily or better than the user experience with Apple’s mobile devices doing the same. The teams came together to make it happen (though it wasnt exactly a new idea - the HP TouchPad from 2011 included an improved printing experience, which wasnt enough to save it from the scrap heap.) So HP tablets can tout an industry-leading printing solution once again, but it comes as no surprise that the company also figured out how to associate with smartphone maker Samsung as part of its Galaxy S4 announcement last Thursday.
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Building the Future

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NEW Resetters for Canon Pixma CLI 226 PGI 225

We have been waiting since September 2010 for manufacturers to make a breakthrough in the Canon cli-226, pgi-225 chip series.

Got the note yesterday, that the code has been broken, and the new Canon Cli-226 , Pgi-225 chip resetters will be available by the first week of June 2011, but they are expensive and they are a little different than the resetters of the past.

First we are not totally sure on price yet but from the quotes we have received they will sell for $67 in the first batch, usually these prices drop after 6 months, but we were shocked to see prices like the first cli-8 resetters.

The good news is these new resetters will not have batteries, they come with a usb cord and will attach to any usb port, so you never have to worry about changing out a battery or having one fail.

There new resetters will work with this chip series on these Canon Printers:

Cli-226 / Pgi-225

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Gom Player 2014 Skins Download Windows 7

Gom Player 2014 Skins Download Windows 7

Gom Player 2014 Skins Download Windows 7

Here you can download Gom Player 2014 Skins for Windows 7 if you are bored with the same skin all the time. The skins come with the best design that make your Gom player looks better than before.

For you who wants to have the link of Gom Player 2014 Skins Download Windows 7, you can find hundreds of skin inside Gom library. The most interesting this concerning the skin is that there are skins similar for the famous media avid gamers.

Here you can certainly download directly in the original source, we only provide you with the link and will also be directed to the Gom Player website.

Gom Player 2014 Skins Download link for Windows 7

Cant wait to download the most amazing skin to your Gom Player? please hit the download button and you will directed to the original website.

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How To Reset A New Canon MP Series

This video from Internet-ink.co.uk will instruct you on how to cancel the E08 waste absorber full error on the Canon MP270 series.

Visit www.internet-ink.co.uk for all your printer supply needs.

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Repairing A Broken Printer

No matter what your reason to own a printer, in your home or at your office,  it is a computer accessory that is very useful in a lot of ways. When a coworker sends you a file, or if your child need to print out their homework, you need a printer. If you do not have a navigation system in your car, you might use your printer to print off the directions to your destination right before you leave. When something like this comes up, it can be very aggravating when your printer cannot complete the task. Lucky for you, you do not need to go out and replace it, printer repairs sydney is a low cost option to your problem.

You first need to establish what is wrong with your printer. It could be something incredibly simple, you might just need to change an ink cartridge or add paper. If the printer you use is not very nice, you might find it more economical to re-buy it rather than buy more ink cartridges. This is only the case for very basic printers. Nice printers will give you the option of trouble shooting the problem, and it will be able to give you a better idea of the printer repairs that need to be done. After you find out what the problem is you will know if it is something you can fix or something that spells doom for the printer.

A lot or printer repairs only require you to replace a part. This is when keeping the manuals that came with your printer can be incredibly useful, you may need them to find out exactly what part is needed for your brand of printer. You should be fine if you did not keep the manual, there should be a version of it you can find online. You may only need to go to your local electronic store to find the part. If it is not a part that is commonly used for printer repairs you may have to use the internet to find it. Once you have gotten the part that you need the printer repairs may begin, but if you do not know how to replace the part you have other options.

Electronic retail stores often have teams of people that fix electronics. Because printer repairs range in difficulty, you may not have the expertise to fix it. There is no shame in hiring someone to repair your printer for you, and it still will be cheaper than replacing it.

You may become very angry if a tool you need to use is not working. Luckily, printer repairs can be very simple to do. You do not need to be a genius to find hp printer repairs sydney.
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Epson ME320 Epson stylus TX121 T1100 T1110

Epson ME32o
Epson Stylus TX 121
Epson T1100 T1110


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June Observations The Shipping News Revisited

also published in Photizo io360 imaging observer

Observations: The Shipping News, Revisited

[June 26, 2012] It was over five years ago, in Fall 2006, when I took a cruise across the Atlantic and reported on my experience with on-demand newspapers (see “Observations: The Shipping News—Print on Demandon the High Seas”). The focus of my attention was an on-board, print-on-demand daily newspaper, provided through the cruise company and NewspaperDirect, a firm based in British Columbia, Canada. So when I cruised across the Atlantic again this Spring, I was curious to find out how the shipboard on-demand-newspaper experience would compare.

Back in 2006, I noted memories of NewspaperDirect from the late 1990’s and my HP days when the two companies partnered around the original business plans to print on-demand, on-site daily newspapers for hotel guests. Because my experience on the cruise was a positive one—getting my own daily custom-printed newspaper (select stories from USAToday, in my case)—ordered through the ship’s Internet café, I followed up after my vacation by making contact with NewspaperDirect, getting a chance to talk to them about their shifting strategies. My Observations column reported on the company’s adaptation of their original strategy into varied forms.

Fast forward to spring 2012, and I am again in the Mid-Atlantic on another Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) vessel (same line as before) and the ship still has its Internet café, with the primary offering of pricey and mostly slow Internet service. However, the idea of a hardcopy news product à la my 2006 cruise was not even a distant memory with the young Internet café manager. He looks at me like Im a bit crazy, as a matter fact, when I ask about its availability.

For the cruise, I got by news-wise with TV and its rotation of European and U.S. channels, a little Web browsing, and some pre-assigned “correspondents” who e-mailed with news items of special interest. And, of course, I supplemented this was a few “real” onshore newspapers purchased from our various ports once the crossing was completed.

As a footnote, I did learn lots about the change in my own connectivity expectations. For years, there’s been discussion about the move to “persistent connectivity” that goes along with pervasive mobile devices. These days, as one of millions of habitual iPhone and iPad “carriers”, I found the ship’s Internet service too slow and expensive to be considered for “persistent” status, as it remains more-or-less a throwback to dial-up Internet access. And I must say this “cutting the cord” all came as a pretty big shock to my system.

But back to the on-demand newspaper idea. I was curious and decided my 2006 musings should be updated. To that end, a report on what has happened to NewspaperDirect was the number one mission, so once back in the office and on dry land, I reached out. And my quest started with a pleasant surprise—my original marketing/PR contact from the company back in 2006 was still there and better yet, was quick to reply to my e-mail. She also arranged an interview for me on NewspaperDirect’s developing strategy over the last six years withIgor Smirnoff, the company’s vice president of “digital” (my quote marks), that turned into a fascinating discussion. (Many of the details will be part of a future report on companies and their paths through strategic transformations that Photizo will publish in its Digital WorkplaceTransformation Advisory Service.)
To summarize here, a quick look at the screenshot of the company’s recent press releases at (see illustration, from http://www.newspaperdirect.com/about/news/2012/) shows where NewspaperDirect has sought opportunity in 2012, including the firm’s PressDisplay.com “virtual kiosk” for online magazines and newspapers. This solution represents the latest offering in the continuation of the firm’s strategy to provide content from newspapers and magazines, offered across a wide and growing spectrum of platforms, like with the PressDisplay apps for iPad and Android. According to Smirnoff, the hardcopy NewspaperDirect product I enjoyed on the ship in 2006 remains as an offering, and he assured me that the print-on-demand, customized newspapers I remember are still available on at least some of the cruise lines, even if not NCL.

Going back to the cruise for a moment, and missing customized newspaper aside, the environment seems to continue to be a haven for hardcopy. The daily ship activity newsletters, distributed to each cabin every evening, become a lifeline for passengers, especially during those strung-together sea days, and the advertising flyers that accompany the newsletters, whether for jewelry sales, casino deals, art auctions, or the like, appear to be printed onboard with current information (on top of pre-prints in many cases). In fact, this hardcopy seem to be the main conduit for disseminating much of the ship’s information to passengers.

I still have not wangled a visit “backstage” on the ship to see the cruise line’s printing facilities, after thinking I should on multiple occasions. The cruise lines, much like Disney properties, work hard to project a bit of a fantasy aura, and the realities behind the glamour are not open to the public. Plus, after all, I was on vacation, and just plain not trying that hard.
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How to speed up youtube video loading

Is your patience running dry? while trying to watch your favorite YouTube videos but it never load or stuck intermittently in between. Many people experience this problem everyday especially for High Definition videos which contains so much data to process by the YouTube server. There are many YouTube videos giving tutorials how to speed up video buffering but they all require some complicated system configuration and using software. The fact is actually very simple and not many people realize how it can be done with just a simple trick on the video itself

How to do it? Very simple!

Just drag the video timeline marker from the beginning directly straight to the end.
Then click play button and leave it for few seconds. Once you are done! pull back the timeline marker to the beginning of the video and play it. Now the video should be playing normally without interruption
*Unless your internet connection is super slow then this simple trick might not help!

See how to do it using YouTube video very simple!
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How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

Do you have applications that start automatically when you turn on your computer and you dont want to turn them on? Disabling the unwanted applications to start automatically will speed up your boot time.

Windows 7


1. When your computer turns on click on the start button showed above.

2.When the start menu opens, in the search box, search the word msconfig. When the msconfig.exe is found, either click on it or press Enter key.

3. This will open the System Configuration. Click on Startup tab.

5. In the Startup  you will see all the applications that run automatically when you turn on your computer. Find the ones that you dont want to start.

6. Uncheck the check box next to the one that you dont want to start. For Example, I dont want ISB Utility to start automatically so I unchecked it.

7. When you are done unchecking the application that you dont want to start automatically, click OK.

8. A popup window will appear and tell you that you need to restart you computer to apply the change. You can just click Exit without restart. Next time you turn off your computer and turn it back on the changes will be applied.

9. Now your computer will boot up faster and you will have only the applications that you need running automatically on startup.

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GreenPrints White Paper Save 17 on Printing

GreenPrint has published a white paper entitled "How to Reduce Printing Costs by 17% -- A Guide to Doing Well and Doing Good" and on yet another day of anxious (to say the least) financial markets, anything to save on expenses is appreciated.

Note the white papers availability via Scribd.com, the subject of my May 2008 Observations.

BTW while Scribd.com reports the GreenPrint white papers "view count" at under 100 so far, the companys free download version (GreenPrint World 1.1) of their paper-saving software approaching 90,000 downloads at Download.com. (Last time this blog checked, six months ago, the downloads were just under 40,000.)
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Google settles Book Search suit

A $125 million settlement has been announced between Google (NASDAQ GOOG) and authors and publishers, as reported today by numerous news sources. A good analysis can be found at Business Weeks Technology blog in the piece by Rob Hof. (See "Google Settles Book Search Suits with Authors, Publishers.")

The settlement, which is effective only in the U.S.—people elsewhere will only be able to view snippets of book text as they can now—is in some ways a win for publishers and authors. They will get new revenue streams for books that in most cases didn’t have a market anyway because they were out of print. However, Google also ended up paying what was relative chicken feed for the right to continue scanning books, and it will get what looks like a sizable chunk of revenues from subscriptions, as well as ad revenue. The only question is why it took well over two years for the two sides to come to an agreement that appears to work well for both of them, as well as for readers.

Regular readers may remember my July 2008 Observations where I discussed Google Book Search in the context of a print opportunity, inspired by HP (NYSE HPQ) Printing head Vyomesh Joshis speech at drupa. Todays settlement clears the way for Google-enabled sale of out-of-print but still in-copyright books, in digital form. It seems clear many of these editions will be on the path from bits back to atoms -- how the print and print-related industries responds will be interesting to watch. The Official Google blog has further explanation about the arrangement, but nothing about printing!
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Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

HPs Enterprise Printing Tech Day

I am back on HPs Boise site today for their analyst/influencer Enterprise Printing Tech Day. As always they put on a great show, and it is really fun to be back on the site where I worked for nearly 25 years. A couple of quick highlights (that I can talk about) include an overview and hands on with new products and solutions announced at the end of October (see WSJ coverage) and latest in workflow and Managed Print Services (exemplified in this video on their work with General Mills.) More to follow!
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Kickstarter Teaser today Paper and pixels!

When I saw my Kickstarter teaser email today (subject line - "Projects We Love: Paper and Pixels") I just had to take a further look! The popular crowdfunding site has recently become a go-to source for me, in search of interesting and sometimes quirky ideas related to printing. But this one turned out to be a little off-track from what I had hoped for, but with a little further thought, I see some real possibilities, as well.

First, the second idea ("Pixels") is a "A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions" video game, in the words of the listing, by Nicoll Hunt, of London. See more at http://ifightbears.co.uk. Looks fun, but not up this blogs alley.

But the first one took some more pondering. The "Pop-up Paper House" indeed IS a printing opportunity, with the creator, Katherine Belsey, of that mecca of creativity, Brooklyn, NY. The enchanting 2 story, 8-room house is, again in the words of the listing, "Intricately detailed [and] folds flat for storage or travel. Light but sturdy, it is designed for play." The house details are printing via a home color printer, then mounted  on foam core, and are currently available on Belseys web site (http://www.makepopupcards.com/cards/), as are, as the name implies, many delightful pop-up cards patterns.

The Kickstarter projects goal is to get into production with less of a DIY version. Belsey "would like to be able to distribute it as a ready-made product", for people who (sensitive to user needs here), without the skills and/or time for the current version, noting "children of doll-house playing age usually do not have the necessary skill or patience, and that their parents often do not have the time for such an ambitious project." Part of the projects $5,000 goal includes buying the necessary color printer, for prints to be glued onto laser-cut hardboard, and to get into production.

After this little bit of research, I am in, btw!
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Dell 5330DN Heat Errors and Fuser Replacement

If your Dell 5330DN is displaying "Low Heat Error", "Over Heat Error", or "Open Heat Error" you most likely need to replace the fuser (part# HW679)

Dell 5330DN Fuser:  Part# - HW679.    

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Just a quick note to follow up todays earlier post on HPs Enterprise Printing announcement.

Check out Mike Feldmans posts at the HP Enterprise Printing blog -- and appreciate the link back, Mike!

Live Blogging from Budapest

Customers talk about how imaging and printing transforms their business

More customer stories from Budapest
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Printed Blog comes up short on Kickstarter

The subject of my August 2012 Observations, The Printed Blogs Kickstarter initiative, has reached its conclusion. A sobering email arrived in my inbox this morning, with the subject line, "Unfortunately, The Printed Blog by ThePrintedBlog was not successfully funded." The numbers on the Kickstarter page reveal a major shortfall in pledges (less than 10% funded). In my research for the August piece, I reported the postulation that 20% and 30% milestones were important in reaching a broader pledging audience.

Despite the bad news, the body of the message includes a bit of encouragement, however.
Unfortunately, The Printed Blog did not reach its funding goal by the project deadline. As a result, your $100.00 pledge has been automatically canceled and your credit card will not be charged.
Even when a project doesnt meet its goal, backing a project shows your support for a creators work. The value in that never expires!
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Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

Observations: Print More E-mails – Save the Earth
by Jim Lyons

When does printing e-mail help save the Earth? In honor of 2011 Earth Day, I thought this seemingly curious connection deserved some follow-up.
The idea for this column started with a tweet* that recently came to my attention, linking me to a Wall Street Journal editorial that opined on why, of all things, printing e-mails is good for the Earth. The article is titled, “Save a forest, print your emails,” and one of the authors of the op-ed piece is none other than Chuck Leavell, keyboardist with the Allman Brothers Band who is also now a tree farmer in his native Georgia and author of a recent book, Growing A Better America: Smart, Strong, Sustainable. Leavell’s WSJ column’s co-author is Carlton Owen, a forester and CEO of the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities.

The article’s major point is that printing e-mails is good for the environment, as the behavior takes advantage of a renewable resource (trees for paper), and by printing more, we help assure that those green spaces (tree farms) will remain part of our environment rather than going idle due to lack of demand and giving way to more urbanized activities. The authors were reacting to a recent tech “innovation,” a new file format from the World Wildlife Fund (WFF) announced in November 2010, which is essentially an unprintable form of PDF file. The authors’ argument is that the WFF format is a “step too far” from the “please consider the environment” messages adorning the bottom of many e-mails during the last few years.

The WWF format had escaped my attention until now, and from what I can gather, much of the conventional printer industry. (Lyra covered this development in an article on the 2011 PaperWorld/Remax that was published on the Journal Online Web site in February.) To me, the idea of an “unprintable” file or image actually seems to be a throw-back—remember those Web-browser windows from the past decade, which due to their Java nature were unprintable though not intentionally. Getting most Web content into a printable state has been a sign of progress, not just for the printer side but for the entire browser/printer/operating system ecosystem -—witness the progress in allowing mobile devices to print during just the last year or so.

With respect to those “please consider the environment” warnings on e-mails that began popping up a few years ago, I blogged about them back then (March 2008) in a post titled, “Please Consider the Environment.” As part of my research behind that blog, I “Googled” the entire phrase, “Please Consider the Environment before Printing this Email,” and came up with less than 1,000 hits. This month, a Google search yields nearly half-a-million hits on the same phrase (see screen shot below). I will leave it up to the search engine optimization (SEO) experts to explain the roughly 500-fold increase in the search results, but needless to say, a certain institutionalization of this phrase has taken hold.

As for as the actual demand for printing of e-mails, I believe that smartphones and devices like the iPad make “consuming” e-mails much more of an immediate virtual experience than a physical one these days. That said, I admit to printing an e-mail just in the last few days when attending a function at our local university and needing logistics information, including a parking code. Printing the e-mail just seemed to make more sense because I would have the piece of paper folded in my jacket pocket, ready to produce when needed rather than fumbling for my iPhone at the parking-lot entrance. Yes, there are still those times for printing e-mails, but this was a rather unusual exception.

As a college-level professor of marketing and economics these last few years, I cannot resist doing a little analysis on the strategy and logic in the WSJ piece, in spite of my great admiration for Leavell as a musician and an activist and as a fellow lover of green spaces and nature. From an economics standpoint, considering “supply and demand” theories, I am inclined think a few more steps are involved in the conversion of forests, human-cultivated or natural, into strip malls, however demand for printing of e-mails changes over the years. And from a marketing standpoint, conventional wisdom is that competitive comparisons in advertising or other promotional efforts (like op-ed columns) should be done with caution – as they run the risk of promoting not only the “the home team” but also the competition, and in the case of market leaders, the strategy is often to act as if there is no competition. I am a case in point – I could have gone along unaware of the WFF file format, but this promotional effort from the other side has actually made me curious about it.

That said, I am happy to know that we generally continue to have the choice to print and that the printing is fast, friendly, and not so bad for the environment after all.

Happy Earth Day!

*A note on my discovery of this piece -- I mentioned a tweet (a message on Twitter) and in this case it came to my attention as a re-tweet from no less than @NeenahPaper - one of the most active Twitter users in our industry, and well worth following.
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A news release this morning, "Adobe, HP, Memjet, Xerox Leaders Tackle Enterprise Printing at 2008 Lyra Imaging Symposium", reminds industry members that a new year is truly upon us. And just like last year, Ill be the events official live blogger during the symposium later this month, January 28-30 to be exact, reporting in from its traditional conference venue in Rancho Mirage, CA. So see this blog at the end of the month for updates from what promises to be another stimulating and informative gathering of industry analysts, leading executives and Wall Streets best.
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How to delete Java Cache in Windows 7

Java cache or Temporay Internet Files are stored in the memory to allow faster execution of the web-application which are stored in the temporary folders. However there are times you may need to delete it for whatever reasons. Refer to the simple instruction below how to do it.

1. Click Windows Start button and Search for Java.
2. Click on the Java Icon
3. In Java Control Panel under the "General" tab click "Settings" and then proceed to delete by click on the "Delete Files" option.

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Thanks to Techcrunch on this one, with Eric Shonfelds piece this morning (see "Fandango Begins Rolling Out Mobile Tickets That Let Moviegoers Go Paperless"), about an eight-city trial (my word, not theirs) launched by Fandango to accept movie "tickets" via images on customers smart phones, using QR Codes. (See "January 2010 Observations" on QR Codes.) Fandangos blurb about their new capability touts "no need for paper, or printers" (see above), though of course, as Schonfeld points out, theres an infrastructure investment required (theaters need to be equipped to read the QR codes) which means universal acceptance in down the road a ways. However, Fandangos announcement does come less than nine months after their partnership with HP and their direct Web-Connect Printer (see "HP Reveals").

Read about Fandangos solution in their FAQs.
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Book scanners as a consumer item

Steven Levy, in his The Technologist column in both last weeks Newsweek (see "Rip This Book? Not Yet") and The Washington Post (see "Book Ripper Doesnt Bother Publishers, Yet"), highlights a fascinating new product in the imaging and printing space.

While Levys assessment is that the Atiz Booksnap is not the catalyst that will trigger a revolution of book digitization and sharing among the masses (aka "Napsterize the book publishing industry"), it was particularly interesting to read Levys account of his conversation with Patricia Schroeder, CEO of the Association of American Publishers.

Not that publishers seem worried. Im not going to lose sleep over the BookSnap, said Patricia S. Schroeder, the former congresswoman who is chief executive of the Association of American Publishers. Weve been ready to sell e-books for 10 years, she said. Everybody still likes physical books. When it comes to potential infringement, shes more worried about abuse of print-on-demand machines that can quickly turn a digital file into a printed book for less than $10.

This is reminiscent of a quote I captured in a post on "Kindle Printing" late last year, and similar to thoughts that often arise when the super-fast Memjet print capabilities are described. (BTW Silverbrooks Memjet was a recent winner of a PC Magazine Technical Excellence award for 2007.)
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also published in The Hard Copy Observer, January 2012

Observations: Looking Ahead and Enjoying Coming Full Circle in the Research/Analyst World

[January 25, 2012] I totally endorse indulging in extensive reflection during December and up through the ringing in of the new year, but with a new January getting well past its half-way point, it is no doubt a good time to stop the looking back, at least excessively, and start actively looking forward. And like with the art of listening, I believe there is the passive version as well as the active variety. I like making at least a few personal and professional resolutions for the new calendar year and anticipating what might actually qualify as truly “new” in our lives and surroundings coming up in the twelve months to follow.

With that said, this column will include an inevitable look back, as I integrate my own personal history with that of the industry over the past few years and the exciting announcement earlier this month of Lyra Research becoming part of the Photizo Group (click here). In addition, I feel that I have to share my personal legacy of some of the high points leading up to this announcement, beginning with my move from the corporate side (25 years with HP) and joining the research/analyst world with my initial Observations column for Lyra in December 2005. It is hard to believe, but with this column, I am starting my seventh calendar year of monthly Observations. I have already wallowed in the memories of most of those columns, but this month’s news brings a clear-cut reason to think back a little more.

After that initial column in the traditional “Hard Copy Observer” format (and also available online via my blog), I had a number of well-wishers among friends and family. But the one unexpected e-mail, or at least the first, came from a gentleman I would eventually get to know much better, by the name of Edward Crowley. I still have that e-mail archived and accessible, and (at the small risk of embarrassing him), here’s what he wrote: “Jim, I enjoyed your article in Hard Copy Observer. Are you consulting now? Best Regards, Ed Crowley.”

At the time, Ed was a few months away from officially founding the Photizo Group, and I responded that yes, I was doing a little consulting, but through further e-mails and phone calls, it was clear to me that he was a driven visionary with ambitions for doing some new, big things in our industry and was a person I easily connected with. As my apprenticeship with the Observer continued, we kept in touch, and I was pleased that I could do some contract work in the area of writing and analysis for Photizo, beginning in 2007, following the firm’s official launch in 2006. I also featured some of Ed’s wisdom in two of my Observations columns in 2007, in musings on Corporate Printing (Managed Print Services or MPS was just emerging as the “universal” term it has become). (see Observations: Corporate Printing, Served and Managed, and Observations: The Changing Role of the Printed Page). With a foot in both Photizo and Lyra camps, I helped make introductions in 2008 that led to a Lyra/Photizo alliance that officially kicked off with Ed’s appearance as an MPS keynoter at the Lyra Symposium in January 2009, which I proudly blogged about (***see illustration). Since then Lyra and Photizo have continued a conference-speaker exchange, and members of each team are frequent sights as attendees at the other company’s conferences.

Ed Crowley addresses the Lyra Imaging symposium in January, 2009

It would be reaching for me to compare my journey, including these last six years, with my chronological contemporaries, who number among the tech industry’s greatest ever. But as I reflect on my 2011 reading list, which included the Walter Isaacson-penned Steve Jobs biography that I have mentioned in previous Observations, Paul Allen’s autobiography Idea Man, and even Mark Cuban’s ebook, How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It, I am thrilled by their history. And my times with HP, and more recently with Photizo and Lyra, have left me also with a great sense of history and perspective in our part of the tech business.

It seems that this bringing together of the legacy and foundation from Lyra Research and the vision and innovation of Photizo Group, now combined under one figurative roof, is something I am very fortunate to have been witness to and part of. My journeyman-ship with the Observer led to being named Senior Editor last year, and now in that role, I move to the combined firm, with the prospects of an exciting ride continuing. As a professor of marketing in one of my lives and in my business career in another, I have frequently reminded those around me about the “power of partnering,” whether through formal tie-ups like mergers and acquisitions, minority investments, or simply forging strategic alliances with complementary organizations. And once again, I am living that advice.
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Google News CES Printer 543

Mid-afternoon Vegas time on the first day of CES 2009, and the Google News index is up to 543 hits on "CES Printer" with page-one names that are very familiar to readers of this blog, including Polaroid, ZINK, and Memjet.

Notable news comes from the new-to-me site printercomparison.com, with "CES 2009: Memjet introduces new printhead" and the AP round-up piece "Even in recession, CES to have stuff worth seeing" where Memjet is referenced among the dozen or so show highlights. The former piece refers to Memjets parent as "Silverback" rather than the correct Silverbrook Research. A simple typo, or a bit freudian?

I will be visiting and blogging from those companies exhibits, as well as others, tomorrow, Friday January 9th, so stay tuned!
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Server sales way down good news for printers

I am just reading the summary of Gartners report by Rex Crum at Marketwatch that first-quarter 2009 server sales, shipments drop 24%. HP (NYSE HPQ), Dell (NASDAQ DELL), and IBM (NYSE IBM), and Sun (NASDAQ JAVA) all showing server revenue declines ranging from 20% to 26%.

With the printer business sagging as well, and industry leader HP recently reporting overall printing and imaging declines at 23% (see "HP Q2 2009 Printer Metrics"), it would seem that tracking the server business might not be all bad in terms of printers future prospects. While much has been made of potential warning signs of the impending demise of hard copy, realized quarterly revenue dips "only" equivalent to servers might be, to some at least, perversely comforting.
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Sony Ericsson X-peria Ray is quite a disappointing smartphone to have. I got the phone before because it looks very handy, slim, and with 8 Megapixel camera. However not long after getting used to it the phone is just not good enough for the following reasons.

1. It gets heated up very quick when it is constantly in used just within 1 or 2 minutes. As a result the phone will slow down and often caused the applications in use to crash. I believe this is due to the slim design which giving too little room for the processor to breathe.

2. Secondly after installing quite a few applications on the phone, most of them are now frequently crash especially the Camera 360 which I use so frequently. Now I have to turn back to the old original camera application of the phone.

3. The music sound of the phone is not as good as Sony phone used to have. Its just ordinary. And the worse part is the ring tone sound is soft and cannot be adjusted to the loudest. Its just very soft.

4. The sleek and slim design turnout to be one of the phone disadvantages. Instead of being handy, the phone can easily slip out of your hands and fall off to the ground. Mine drop on the ground quite a few times already, fortunately its still OK.

5. The data signal is quite weak. Using my wifes HTC Desire HD easily getting the HSDPA signal where as the X-Peria Ray only getting 3G or Edge.

Therefore Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray is not a good phone other than its 8 megapixel camera. Everything else are just not worth the money, and if I have some more money this phone will be long gone for auction. I would consider it as one of the worse smartphone ever.

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Review Generic 5890 thermal receipt printer

If you ever shopped ebay or amazon for a cheap thermal receipt printer, you must have seen this one offered by an array of sellers.

Some of them come in slightly different enclosure, but from the specification and placement of buttons etc, you can tell it is the same machine.

My theory is that, this model 5890 (T-5890, 5890G, FT-5890, etc.) is manufactured by several different manufacturers in China.  They must be based on the same ODM scheme. Another thing in common is that they all comes in brown box and no marking of manufacturers address or so.  (generic - no brand)


As usual, I take it apart and see whats inside.
Very easy to disassemble.

In case you cant see the marking on IC, it is using:
- NUVOTON nuc501adnarm
This is the controller, ARM-M0

- A3906
I think this is the motor driver.

- Winbound 25016BVSIG

* NUVOTON / Winbound is the same company.

To be fair, this solution isnt bad.  The choice of ARM-M0 and 16mbit ROM is capable of many things.  However, the problem is in the manufacturing part
  • For this particular unit I got, there are components look like scrapped off used electronics and soldering job isnt great.  
  • The power supply which comes with the printer feels flimsy.
  • Compatibility under windows. (Ill get to this below)

The printer head (JRP-2RA1) has manufacturers sticker.  Its website states that this printer head is electronically compatible with Fujitsu FTP-628MCL101, which is a popular model used in many thermal receipt printers.

Software  -  Linux

Connecting it to a linux machine through USB, it shows up as /dev/usb/lp0.  Since it does not supply Linux driver with the machine, I can not use CUPS.  Just plain old serial connection.

[root@alarmpi ~]# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0416:5011 Winbond Electronics Corp. Virtual Com Port
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 046d:c52b Logitech, Inc. Unifying Receiver
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
cat test.txt > /dev/usb/lp0

#For this to work, I have to disable CUPS

The printer comes with ESC/POS manual on a CD. It appears to be compatible with Epson TM-T88, with some exceptions. However, as I tested the unit, some compatible ESC/POS command are only partially supported.
  • ESC ! n     This shorthand setting works, but does not take mixed setting well.  Stick with individual command for safe.
  • Underline does not show in some cases involving line wrapping.
  • Other small differences from EPSON ESC/POS.

Here is the sample print out:

Software - Windows 7  (it does not work)

I can not get it to work on win7.  The device shows up and driver installed without complaint, it just does not print anything.  Anything submitted to the printer shows as error.

I have tried the following:
  • change printer port USB - LPT - COM
  • re-install printer driver
  • unplug / plug in again
It shows on my device list. But does not print anything.

I have only windows 7 at home, therefore can not vote for XP/Vista/8.  If any reader has success with this printer on windows machine, please share your method.


This is a cheap thermal receipt printer with partial ESC/POS support.  The general concern with these printers are the printer head is not durable.  If working continuously, overheating might reduce printer heads useful life quickly.

What it does:
  • Print out English/European/Chinese characters, symbols.
  • Basic formatting such as double height, double width, underline.
  • Easy to work on Linux.

What it doesnt do:
  • Work under Windows 7.
  • Drop-in replace your Epson TM-T20.
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More notes from CES 2008

My colleague Ed Crowley and The Photizo Group have some worthwhile observations of their own from Day One and Day Two of CES. Day Ones notes point to Photizos interest in three smaller companies, InPlay, Ality, and Pictometry, with Day Twos update featuring more of the large company action, including notes on the Samsung laser MFP and printer (SCX-4500 MFP and ML-1630, pictured above). While not exactly brand new, these models continue to turn heads with their stylish designs, if not their cutting edge speeds-and-feeds specifications. It must be a sign of a new stage in the industry, when products with looks and style as their main selling points create a stir and some backlash as well.
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How to use Telnet command to check if network IP and Port is accessible through your internet connection. Follow the step below to check.

Step 1: Go to command prompt Go to Start>Run>Type cmd and press ENTER. Or you can go to Start>All programs>Accessories>Command Prompt

Step 2: Once in command prompt get the IP and Port of the network you would like to test whether it is accessible. For example IP: and Port: 9011. Then use telnet command as follow
Telnet 9011 and hit ENTER. You will see black screen with blinking cursor which indicate that the network IP and port is accessible.

If the network IP and port is not accessible it will show connection failed on the command prompt. See screen shot.

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