Selasa, 28 Januari 2014

NEW Resetters for Canon Pixma CLI 226 PGI 225

We have been waiting since September 2010 for manufacturers to make a breakthrough in the Canon cli-226, pgi-225 chip series.

Got the note yesterday, that the code has been broken, and the new Canon Cli-226 , Pgi-225 chip resetters will be available by the first week of June 2011, but they are expensive and they are a little different than the resetters of the past.

First we are not totally sure on price yet but from the quotes we have received they will sell for $67 in the first batch, usually these prices drop after 6 months, but we were shocked to see prices like the first cli-8 resetters.

The good news is these new resetters will not have batteries, they come with a usb cord and will attach to any usb port, so you never have to worry about changing out a battery or having one fail.

There new resetters will work with this chip series on these Canon Printers:

Cli-226 / Pgi-225


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