Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Thanks Techvedic for Antivirus Support

I had heard a lot regarding computer viruses and Internet threats, but last weekend I got a practical glimpse. Actually I was supposed to get an e-mail attachment from my office, and it was an urgent one.
I opened my outlook through the web-access and scrolled down the Inbox but could not find the e-mail; in fact the mail was there but no attachment. I informed the same to my boss on phone. Thereafter he delivered the attachment again, and this time it was successful.
I finished the assigned task. That time I was not much serious. It was the next day when I realized that there is literally something wrong with the machine.
Actually, I was trying to use an Adobe application on my system, and it was displaying “out-of-memory error messages”, it shocked me. Even the Microsoft Office was not responding. Then I attempted for Windows Task Manager to shut the application and reopen it but after repeated trial (Ctrl+Alt+Del) I could not get the window.
Now, things were clear that some kind of virus has entered into the system. I thought of using the antivirus software of AVG which was running. I scanned the system, but it didn’t give the desired result. I tried to download a virus removal utility as per dad’s suggestion, nonetheless, it went to nowhere.
Eventually, I went with google to find some reliable antivirus supportAfter surfing a lot I thought of calling techvedic antivirus support portal. Luckily, it was the right choice. A technician took the remote access of the system, and did the splendid job. He diagnosed and removed not only viruses but also updated the antivirus protection software.
Indeed, it was a great help, thanks Techvedic!

Techvedic deploys experienced technicians to cater on-demand technical support services in US, UK and Canada through the secure Internet connection. Techvedic’s support services cover all popular computer brands, software products, networking devices and security software.

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