Senin, 27 Januari 2014

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

Do you have applications that start automatically when you turn on your computer and you dont want to turn them on? Disabling the unwanted applications to start automatically will speed up your boot time.

Windows 7


1. When your computer turns on click on the start button showed above.

2.When the start menu opens, in the search box, search the word msconfig. When the msconfig.exe is found, either click on it or press Enter key.

3. This will open the System Configuration. Click on Startup tab.

5. In the Startup  you will see all the applications that run automatically when you turn on your computer. Find the ones that you dont want to start.

6. Uncheck the check box next to the one that you dont want to start. For Example, I dont want ISB Utility to start automatically so I unchecked it.

7. When you are done unchecking the application that you dont want to start automatically, click OK.

8. A popup window will appear and tell you that you need to restart you computer to apply the change. You can just click Exit without restart. Next time you turn off your computer and turn it back on the changes will be applied.

9. Now your computer will boot up faster and you will have only the applications that you need running automatically on startup.

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