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Many Inkjet printers use microchip technology to determine which type of printer cartridge has been installed in which particular ink slot in the printer carriage.  This is particularly important so to ensure that the correct colour cartridge has been installed in the correct slot; thus preventing cross contamination of colours in the print head.
Sadly this technology can cause new problems such as cartridge not recognised error messages!
Some say that chips on cartridges were introduced by printer manufacturers for other profit related reasons; to halt the use of compatible cartridges and to prevent original cartridges from being refilled.  Whatever the reason, the use of such technology is causing headaches for printer users World-wide.  Confidence in refilling and buying compatible cartridges has been damaged in some cases as a result.
Fortunately due to Internet search engines we are able to find solutions to these frustrating problems.  Common fixes require a combination of button presses on the printer itself.  Doing this can disable the ink monitor and enable the user to continue to print even though ink monitor levels read as empty.  A classic example of this can be found with the Canon PG-37 PG-40 PG-510 PG-512 PG-540 black cartridges that contain a built-in print head, and similarly the colour CL-38 CL41 CL-51 CL-511 CL513 cartridges. Once the cartridge has been used once and becomes almost empty the ink monitor also reads empty and cannot be reset to read full again.  However it is possible to disable the ink monitor by pressing certain buttons in order on the printer.  For example for the Canon Pixma MP460 you need to first disconnect the power cable then hold down power button. Reconnect the power cable while still holding down the power button.  At the same time press the Cancel / Stop button twice; then release the power button.  This will set the printer to factory mode.  You will need to wait for around half a minute until idle message is displayed.  Then press the down arrow button until it says shipping mode 1.  Then press the OK button.  The display will now say without cleaning and you need to press the power button.  A test page should now print.  You then need to open the cover and disconnect the power again.  Remove the black and colour cartridges and close the cover again.  Plug in the power cable, press the power button and then replace the two cartridges.
For many Canon models such as the MX300 you can usually just hold down the stop / reset button for 10 seconds to disable the ink monitor.   Procedures can vary depending on the machine model and solutions can be found on Google search or You Tube.
If the cartridge cannot be reset and errors persist then there is a chance that the copper contacts on the print head circuit board have been damaged.  There are pins that can become worn and short against each other, causing errors and preventing further printing.  A close inspection may be necessary to determine if this is causing the problem. 
It is well worth trying to refill these type of cartridges that have a built-on print head, and there are dedicated refill kits available specifically made for the job of doing this!  The Eco-Fill Professional ink refill kit range includes a special tool to hold the cartridge and extract unwanted air from inside the ink chamber(s).  These refilling kits are for use with Canon Pixma MG2150, MG3150, MG4150 MX375 MX435 MX515, MP240, MP245, MP250, MP252, MP258, MP260, MP268, MP270, MP272, MP276, MP280, MP282, MP480, MP486, MP490, MP492, MP495, MP499, MX320, MX328, MX330, MX338 IP1200 IP1300 IP1600 IP1700 IP1800 IP1900 IP2200 IP2600 MP140 MP150 MP160 MP170 MP180 MP210 MP220 MP450 MP460 MP470 MX300 MX310 and more printers and can be purchased from our website Printer Cartridges

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