Kamis, 13 Februari 2014

MP390 Waste ink tank full

1. Printer ‘on.’
2. Press: “Additional Functions” button
Press “Scan” button
Press “Copy” button
Press “Scan” button
3. Now it says, “Service Mode / #1 SSSW.
4. Keep hitting “+” [which is the right arrow]; it will go through #1 to #11 (Date/Time), then “Service Report,” and, lastly, “Test Mode.” Then hit “Set.”
5. Now you will have another set of selections. Keep hitting “+” [the right arrow] to go from #1(DRAM) to #8 (Printer Test). Then hit “Set.”
6. When it finishes some sort of function, “Please Wait” will be replaced by “-8-2+” Then hit “+” and it should then say “-8-3+” and you hit “Set.”
7. The screen should now say “EEPROM Clear.” [You may need to press “Set” then, to get to the next step? My notes aren’t clear.]
8. Option 0 should be “select ink count.” Press “Set.”
9. Press the “Stop/Reset” button.
10. Press the “On/Off” button.
11. Wait for the printer to restart.

I have had the “waste ink tank near full” message twice in the almost-3-years I’ve been using my printer and it’s still functioning fine. No “waste ink” coming out the bottom!

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