Sabtu, 08 Maret 2014

D3O ® is a patented protective material that combines impact protection and high performance shock absorption to protect your electronic device.  The raw material distributes and disperses energy, making it flow smoothly, evenly, and quickly through the material to absorb any shock.  The force is then spread over the entire wider area, just like a net, protecting isolated impact zones and points.
Tech21 have incorporated the D30 ® material inside of their cases for mobile phones and tablets.  The result being, a highly protective enclosure for your smart phone or portable mini computer.

One of the most popular mobile phones on the market today is the Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII, and Tech 21 have introduced a new product solution aimed and protecting and preserving the integrity of the device in rough conditions. 
One of the first things we noticed with this new case was how flexible it was and how easy it is to get in and out of your pocket.  The problem with some cases is that they can drag on pocket material, providing a struggle and preventing quick access. The Impact Snap Blue case also allows access to all controls, ports, and smartphone features, so no compromise on functionality.  With the ultra slim snap fit it is moulded to protect and serve around the device in question.
As this product is priced higher than cheaper conventional cases it will not be found on a market; at least not for a year or two.  Instead it will be aimed at the technologically informed consumer who values their mobile device and does not mind paying a little extra for ultimate crash protection.  This ad-on could also be seen as some sort of fashion accessory or status symbol. No doubt it will become a talking point between owners connecting them as kindred spirits in the modern World.
The new impactology case can be purchased with free UK recorded delivery from

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